A whole lot of you are playing Doom Eternal


Hell is really taking a beating lately, what with so many of you Doom Slayers out there doing your part to control the demon population. Bullets are flying, and the floor is very slick from all the blood and viscera. Watch your step, we wouldn’t want you to twist an ankle.

Bethesda released some vague statistics today to tout how well Doom Eternal is selling. It’s the best-selling Doom game ever by opening weekend numbers, and it has raked in twice the revenue that 2016’s Doom did in its first weekend sales. Here’s a more concrete statistic: Doom Eternal topped 100,000 concurrent players on Steam over the weekend; that’s only one of its three platforms (at the moment, Switch is coming eventually).

It’s no secret as to why Doom Eternal is selling well. The first Doom is beloved, and this game is also excellent. You don’t need to be a galaxy-brained Mastermind economist to understand the appeal. People are rippin’ and tearin’, and everyone’s perfectly happy about it.

A whole lot of you are playing Doom Eternal screenshot


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